CALS Wellness Committee tip: Consider holiday gifts that help build memories, sustainability and local businesses

This holiday season, supply chain issues may limit your options for some of the things on your list.  The amount of “stuff” purchased and discarded each December is staggering. You may want to consider some more sustainable, available options.

Instead of “things,” give memories.  Give time and experience doing something together.  Try a certificate to an escape room for a family gift. Other experiential gift ideas: a float tank, axe throwing, indoor paintball, pottery class, or something unique to the recipient. Live theater is back and arts organizations are choosing entertaining, relevant offerings with covid-safe options.  Madison’s Forward Theater has digital tickets! Movie passes are easy to get and give.

Look for local stores instead of ordering online and adding to the shipping crunch. Shopping local supports local craftsfolk and producers. Check out the indoor farmer’s markets or spring for a chunk of really old cheese. Consumable treats that are locally made are a great option. Holiday craft and art fairs are still happening in the next few weeks.

Another alternative is to shop second hand. Poke around an antique store or thrift shop and give an item a new life instead of seeking out new. Used book stores are great places for gifts that don’t look used.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your holidays and be well.