10 new faculty members join CALS in 2021

Below are the 10 new CALS faculty members that have started or will start in 2021 (listed in chronological order by start date). eCALS posts a profile article for each new faculty member who joins the college, once they come to campus. Learn more about your new colleagues below and attend the Oct. 12 CALS Coffee where new faculty will be introduced.

  • Min Chen, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, ecosystems modeling (Jan.)
  • James Crall, Department of Entomology, impact of environmental changes on pollinators (Jan.)
  • David Hershey, Department of Bacteriology, bacterial colonization of surfaces (Jan)
  • Erica L.-W. Majumder, Department of Bacteriology, microbial metabolism in environmental remediation contexts (Jan)
  • Victor Ujor, Department of Food Science, fermentation and synthetic biology as tools for bioconversions (Jan.)
  • Al Kovaleski, Department of Horticulture, plant cold hardiness, dormancy (Mar.)
  • Claire Richardson, Department of Genetics, neuronal aging using classical genetics (Mar.)
  • Audrey Girard, Department of Food Science, food chemistry (May)
  • Betül Kaçar, Department of Bacteriology, astrobiology and the origins of life (Sept.)
  • Joe Pierre, Department of Nutritional Sciences, nutrition and health (Oct.)