U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center webinar: 15 years of cereal-grain forage research at Marshfield – Sept. 1

15 Years of Cereal-Grain Forage Research at Marshfield

Dr. Wayne K. Coblentz
Research Leader

The use of cereal-grain forages in livestock operations is longstanding, but has increased substantially in recent years. In part, this has occurred in response to environmental concerns, but also can be a routine part of overall forage programs for livestock operations. Many factors, such as vernalization, growth characteristics, and maturity rates can vary substantially, both within and across species. These considerations greatly affect nutritive value, but can also be manipulated to best fill the forage inventory and nutritional requirements of livestock operations. Unlike most perennial grasses, the effects of dilution associated with the accumulation of sugar in response to some cold events, as well as grain fill, further complicate management decisions. This presentation provides an overview of 15 years of cereal-grain forage research, conducted (mostly) in Marshfield, WI, and describes both opportunities and cautions for use of these forages in forage-livestock operations.

Wednesday, Sept. 1st at 3 pm CDT

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