Updated information on COVID-19 reporting

As of May 7, 2021, UHS no longer reported COVID+ employees.

Employees do not need to report a COVID+ test result to UHS.

If an employee reports a COVID+ test to you, please refer to these resources:

The employee should:

  • Stay away from the workplace
  • Notify supervisor they will be out; consider remote work option as a workplace flexibility if employee is well enough to work and duties allow
  • Work with DDR (If providing medical information, when unable to work remotely, if absence will be more than 2 weeks to discuss leave or other options, such as a temporary work adjustment)

Campus is working on updating protocols.  Some protocols will differ for those vaccinated and those unvaccinated.

Please remember, each unit on campus is responsible for their own cleaning and disinfection of offices, laboratories, conference rooms, workstations, and other unit spaces.