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CALS Native Nations Workshop
Date & time: Monday, August 23, 8:30am-4:00pm
Location: Dejope – Lake Mendota Room

The CALS Native Nations workshop is intended for CALS faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in work with or who would like to learn more about issues around food systems and Tribal sovereignty.

Please register in advance at at your earliest convenience as there is an attendance cap of 40 participants. Participation will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis, but a waitlist will be maintained in the event of cancellations.


8:30am – welcome and introductory remarks

  • Kate VandenBosch, Dean of CALS
  • Dan Tokaji, Dean of the Law School

8:45am – paying heed to individual Tribal cultures

  • Chris Caldwell, President of the College of Menominee Nation

9:00am – cultural prism on law and policy

  • Richard Monette, UW Law School

9:30am – federal and Tribal law related to agriculture and food sovereignty

  • Richard Monette, UW Law School

10:45am – break

11:00am – boarding school issues and Native education

  • Jerilyn DeCoteau, Founding Director of the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition

12:00pm – lunch

  • Remarks by Elena Terry, Executive Chef/Founder of Wild Bearies, Food and Culinary Program Coordinator for the Native American Food Sovereignty Alliance

12:45pm – UW Native Nations working group activity

  • Annie Jones, UW Division of Extension

1:00pm – land grant history & food sovereignty

  • Dan Cornelius, UW School of Education
  • Gary Besaw, Director of the Menominee Nation Department of Agriculture and Food Systems

2:30pm – break

2:45pm – discussion and Q&A 

4:00pm – adjourn

This event is organized by the CALS Native Nations working group:

  • Dan Cornelius – CIAS Citizen Advisor
  • Michelle Miller – Associate Director, UW-CIAS
  • Doug Reinemann – CALS Associate Dean for Extension and Outreach
  • Erin Silva – Associate Professor, Plant Pathology

For questions about the workshop, please contact Michelle Miller at or Doug Reinemann at