CALS in the News for the Weeks of June 16 – July 9

In the News

State Prisons Fueled Covid-19 Spread in Their Areas Last Spring, Study Suggests
Gizmodo, 6/29/21
Quoted: Kaitlyn Sims, Student, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Which Crops Can Survive Drought? Nanosensors May Offer Clues
Wired, 7/2/21
Quoted: Irwin Goldman, Horticulture

Wildfires threaten all of the West — and one group more than others
Politico via, 7/6/21
Quoted: Volker Radeloff, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

A real-life butterfly effect: How weather in Africa drives butterfly bursts in Europe
Vox, 6/25/21
Quoted: Karen Oberhauser, Entomology

Ice Cream Scientist Maya Warren Might Have the Coolest Job Ever
Thrillist, 7/6/21
Quoted: Maya Warren, Alumna, Food Science

For monarch butterflies, Florida’s ‘cesspool’ of infection may leave many too weak to migrate
Miami Herald, 7/4/21
Quoted: Karen Oberhauser, Entomology

‘Opposite of inclusion’: Jewish students, profs sound off on UW-Madison scheduling conflict
Wisconsin State Journal, 7/5/21
Quoted: Josh Garoon, Community and Environmental Sociology

Professor says he’s canceling first day of class after UW schools keep start date on Rosh Hashanah
WGBA-TV, 7/6/21
Quoted: Josh Garoon, Community and Environmental Sociology

Recent rain has Dane County moving in ‘right direction’; moderate drought remains
The Cap Times, 6/29/21
Quoted: Chris Kucharik, Agronomy

Dairy Innovation Hub farms get new technologies to improve industry
WKOW 27, 6/30/21
Mentioned: Dairy Innovation Hub
Quoted: Heather White, Animal and Dairy Sciences

Local bees on the decline due to climate change, parasites
Janesville Gazette, 7/1/21
Quoted: Hannah Gaines Day, Entomology

Nematode ‘ranching workshop’ helps cranberry growers
Fruit Growers News, 7/7/21
Quoted: Shawn Steffan, Entomology
Quoted: Brandon Gominho, Entomology
Quoted: Shane Foye, Alumnus, Entomology

Dairy Innovation Hub Set For Success
Mid-West Farm Report, 6/28/21
Quoted: Maria Woldt, Dairy Innovation Hub

Bee Population Falling
Mid-West Farm Report, 7/6/21
Quoted: Claudio Gratton, Entomology

Carefully consider weed destruction
Agri-View, 6/29/21
Quoted: Mark Renz, Agronomy

UW-Madison Joins Initiative to Cut Emissions in Dairy Industry
Dairy Agenda Today, 7/8/21
Mentioned: Arlington Agricultural Research Station