Payroll schedule change coming in July

Payroll Schedule Change Coming in July!

UW System employees paid monthly will move to a biweekly payroll schedule next month. Don’t Wait! Review your personal situation and prepare now for this change.

The Single Payroll resources web page includes frequently asked questions, budget planning information, 2021 payroll schedules and other helpful resources. In addition to these resources, additional emails will be distributed this week to some employees who may still need to take specific action regarding the payroll schedule change.

Review These Resources Now

  • Update Contributions and Withholdings
    With the biweekly paycheck schedule, you will receive 26 paychecks a year instead of 12. For certain contributions and withholdings (for example, TSA, WDC, tax withholding), with the payroll change your contributions and withholdings could be more than you intended (potentially doubled). To avoid having more deducted than you intended, review this resource to help you recalculate and take action to change the amount deducted from each paycheck.
  • Pay Date Models
    Pay Date Models allow you to enter your annual salary to calculate the gross earnings by pay date.
  • Paycheck Estimator
    This tool is designed to provide financial planning assistance associated with the schedule change.
  • 2021 Payroll Schedules

This resource provides you with the new biweekly payroll schedule.

Prepare Now!

After you have reviewed your personal situation and available resources, make sure you are fully prepared for the payroll schedule change. If you have questions, make sure you ask!