Hoslet reports employee compensation plan included in state budget

On June 17, the Wisconsin Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee voted to include in the state budget pay increases of two percent in each year of the next biennium.

Vice Chancellor for University Relations Charles Hoslet said, “As in recent years the increases are scheduled for January 1 rather than July 1, so state employees (including faculty and staff at UW-Madison) will receive a pay increase of two percent on January 1, 2022 and another two percent on January 1, 2023.”

Chancellor Blank issued a statement thanking the committee for including the pay plan in the state budget.

The Joint Finance Committee has now completed its work on the fiscal year 2021-23 state budget and the bill moves to the full Legislature for debate and approval.  Both houses are expected to take up the bill the week of June 28 and have it passed and on the Governor’s desk by or around July 1.

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