U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center webinar: Structural diversity of condensed tannins in plant materials – May 19

“Condensed tannins: Challenges in structure and forage content determinations”
Wayne Zeller, PhD
USDFRC Research Chemist
Wednesday, May 19th at 3 p.m. CDT

Connection details:
646-828-7666; ID: 161 4139 6271

The presentation will discuss the structural diversity of condensed tannins (CTs) present in plant materials and enable the audience to appreciate that not all CTs are the same. Examples of how CT structural diversity affects the interaction of CTs with proteins will be provided. Description of the hurdles in obtaining highly pure and well- characterized CTs from natural sources will be discussed. The reasons why these purified CTs are necessary for studies to determine CT content in plant materials and in attempts to elucidate how CTs impart their biological effect will be provided. We will then briefly describe the analytical methods used in CT structural and forage content determinations. Lastly, we will discuss our efforts to establish a universal CT nomenclature scheme to efficiently capture the structural diversity of CTs.