Last offerings of graduate assistant equity workshops for spring 2021

The last two spring 2021 offerings of the Graduate Assistants’ Equity Workshops (GAEWs) occur March 22nd and 23rd (Monday and Tuesday evening).

The training, which focuses on diversity, discrimination and harassment, is presented by the Division of Diversity, Equity and Educational Achievement in conjunction with campus partners. These sessions are open to Teaching Assistants (TAs), Program/Project Assistants (PAs) and Research Assistants (RAs).

Participants receive information about relevant laws, policies, regulations and resources; explore the practical application of these policies to classroom and learning environments; and engage in conversations designed to promote interdisciplinary dialogue and excellence through diversity. Since 2006, partnered with the Theatre for Cultural and Social Awareness, (TCSA). The sessions promote the development of competencies that sustain and strengthen UW-Madison’s position of preeminence in research and higher education and advance critical campus strategic priorities.

Reminder that Teaching Assistants cannot be reappointed for more than one semester unless they have completed this professional development workshop.

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