#MyCALSWork: Tonic and Chela reporting for duty

This week’s #MyCALSWork submission comes from Kara Luedtke, a member of the CALS External Relations team. Take it away, Kara!

If anyone has had a meeting with me in the last year, they have likely met my chihuahua-yorkie rescue Tonic. He has become a very dedicated CALS advocate, volunteering his time to weigh in on important matters, especially when they involve food.

Tonic consulting over a discussion on Teams.

Tonic sitting in on an External Relations team meeting

Tonic’s sister Chela, also a chihuahua-yorkie rescue, rarely makes appearances because she is extremely dedicated to her profession as chief security officer.

After a long day Tonic takes an afternoon siesta.

Thanks for sharing, Kara!

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