CALS facilities master plan process

This spring, CALS will begin the development of its Facilities Master Plan focused on on-campus assets. This plan, developed in partnership with Facilities, Planning, and Management (FP&M), will help CALS evaluate both the quality and quantity of space, make sure that the usage of existing space is appropriate, and determine the long term maintenance and viability of existing buildings. The plan will also help us determine where capital investments are needed for the future. College-level facilities master plans typically look 10 to 15 years into the future.

When the master plan is complete, the college will use the information to set priorities for future facility projects and fundraising efforts. Importantly, a facilities master plan is a key and essential document in justifying our needs and gaining support to advance building and infrastructure projects with campus, UW System, or state support.

CALS will work with an architectural and consulting firm to complete our master plan, and we expect them to be chosen through a competitive selection process and begin their work in February. Preliminary work, though, has already started. FP&M’s space management unit has been inventorying space within CALS that will speed the planning process. Building on these efforts the consulting team will conduct on-site visits, and solicit input from faculty, staff, students, and college leadership at different points in the process.

The goal of the master plan is to align our facilities and their maintenance with our long-term goals and priorities. We expect the planning process to take 18 to 24 months, but the  consulting firm will develop a detailed schedule. A separate master plan for our Agricultural Research Stations and related off-campus facilities will begin after completion of the on-campus plan.

For questions about the CALS facilities master plan process, please contact Doug Sabatke, Assistant Dean for Facilities, Planning, Health and Safety.