Remote instruction reminders

Whether we are ready or not, the Spring semester is here. The CALS Instructional Support team can help you with questions – big or small – about your remote course.

Where to Find Assistance:

  • This week the support team will hold office hours Monday, Tuesday and Friday (11:00 am – 1:00 pm). Beginning the week of February 1, office hours will be Tuesdays 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.  Drop in to ask your questions.
  • Use the CALS Individualized Support for Continuity of Instruction form to ask questions or request an individual consultation meeting.  (Some of you may already be working with one of the support team members directly and will not need the form to request a consult)
  • Find additional CALS-specific resources at the CALS Instructional Resources Canvas Site.

Expectations for Remote Instruction:
As we continue to navigate new ways of teaching, a set of general instructional expectations are summarized below.

  1. Communication with students regarding course expectations, how course content will be delivered, and how students will be assessed is critical and should be a central, ongoing part of every course.
  2. Courses should all be available to students in Canvas. In part this is to provide a common entry point to all courses for students, and a uniform mechanism for communication with students.
  3. All remote courses, or courses with significant remote content, should be designed to include regular and substantive interaction between student/instructor and student/student that includes ample opportunity for students to ask questions and receive answers.
  4. Course material should be adapted (as much as possible with the current time-frame) for remote instruction. UW-Madison courses offer content that is multi-faceted and varied. A simple list of readings or slides with no interactions is not a fully-realized UW experience and is not acceptable as the primary mode of instruction.
  5. Methods for remote assessment, grading, and feedback should be planned and clearly outlined for students.

Our students have noticed and greatly appreciated the special efforts of many instructors this year. Thank you for all of your effort.