ARS Summer 2021 internship award recipients announced

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) has selected the 2021 Summer Agricultural Research Stations (ARS) Internship Award recipients.

The objective of the ARS Summer Internship program is to foster relationships between CALS departments and station personnel. At the same time, the opportunity provides UW-Madison undergraduate students a chance to become involved in research and station they consider their career path. The undergraduate student is required to split their effort between their own HATCH-related research project under a CALS faculty member’s direction and on station projects, including field days, with the superintendent.

These  internships award $5000 for student labor and $500 for supplies to be spent at the station on the student’s project.

The five projects awarded for 2021 include:

Improving the effectiveness of vegetable variety trials to assist in breeding decisions and to meet fresh-market grower needs, Julie Dawson – Horticulture, Janet Hedtcke – West Madison Agricultural Research Station

Understanding relationships among crop growth, sugar accumulation, and flavor development in a diverse collection of table beet cultivars, Irwin Goldman – Horticulture, Mike Bertram – Arlington Agricultural Research Station

Soil moisture monitoring at the Hancock Agricultural Research Station using novel sensor technologies, Jingyi Huang – Soil Science, Troy Fishler – Hancock Agricultural Research Station

In-season prediction of potato production using UAV-based hyperspectral imagery and multi-task machine learning for sustainable irrigation management, Yi Wang – Horticulture, Troy Fishler – Hancock Agricultural Research Station

Integrating fall-seeded cover crops with pre-emergence herbicides in corn and soybean production systems, Rodrigo Werle – Agronomy, Mike Bertram – Arlington Agricultural Research Station