CALS climate survey: Response rate and next steps

On November 6, the window to respond to the CALS climate survey of employees and graduate students closed. We are pleased to report that 924 people, around 46% of those surveyed, responded, which is a good response rate for a web-based survey. Thank you to all who participated.

Senior Associate Dean Mark Rickenbach and consultants from the Office of Strategic Consulting (OSC) will  review the number of responses by unit to determine how best to summarize results for departments, centers, and units and protect individuals from being specifically identified.

This is also a point in the process when we will work more closely with the OSC. OSC led pre-survey workshops earlier this fall to begin the survey process. OSC will now lead the survey analysis, with CALS assistance, toward informing a series of workshops in early spring semester 2021. The goal of the spring workshops is to assist units in the planning of current and future activities to enhance climate and culture.

A college-wide summary will also be developed and shared in the spring.