Resources for remote instruction available from the CALS Support Team

On Sept 23, 2020 Chancellor Blank announced the resumption of in-person activities starting as early as Sept 26, and Provost Scholz also provided additional guidance around instruction. With resumption of some in-person instructional activities, it is expected that many courses will have more remote instruction than previously planned and that some courses will continue remotely for the remainder of the semester.

The CALS Instructional Support team remains ready to assist instructors with transitioning their course material for remote learning, and can help with a variety of things from basic how-to’s to consultation about best practices in online learning.  Examples of areas where they can support instructors with include:

  • Help with the technical details of getting material online for students
  • How to choose from (and use) the tools available
  • How to support remote student engagement
  • How to do student assessment remotely
  • Consult on general best practices and how to meet every instructor’s needs

There are many ways in which instructors can find support, either through our support team or through self-serve learning, including:

  1. An overview of expectations and resources can be found here
  2. The CALS Instructional Support Team will continue to run open office hours through the rest of the semester. Please drop-in and bring your questions.
    1. Open Office Hours will be Monday, Tuesday and Friday, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm weekly; join here
  3. Use the CALS Individualized Support for Continuity of Instruction form to ask questions or request individual assistance/consultation.
  4. Find resources collected by our team at the CALS Instructional Support and Resources Canvas site.
  5. Review general information about remote delivery and find further training opportunities at the UW-Madison Instructional Continuity site.

If you have questions about instructional support or ideas for other areas where specific training or support would be helpful, please reach out to Karen Wassarman, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.