CALS in the News for the Week of April 4-10

In the News

How to Avoid Misinformation About COVID-19
Smithsonian Magazine, 4/9/20
Quoted: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication

Can mosquitoes carry coronavirus?
WTMJ, 4/10/20
Quoted: PJ Liesch, Entomology
Mentioned: Insect Diagnostic Lab

Four corners of an empty campus: How UW communities are adjusting to college life during COVID-19
The Cap Times, 4/8/20
Quoted: Guanming Shi, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Sensationalize or solution-ize: Re-examining the role of news media in the age of COVID-19
The Daily Cardinal, 4/5/20
Quoted: Dominique Brossard, Life Sciences Communication

The Coronavirus Pandemic is Pushing the Dairy Crisis to the Brink
Civil Eats, 4/8/20
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Milk dumping is a coronavirus reality
Successful Farming, 4/7/20
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

How to manage rejected milk
Successful Farming, 4/9/20
Quoted: Carrie Laboski, Soil Science
Quoted: Rebecca Larson, Biological Systems Engineering
Mentioned: Jamie Patton, Horticulture
Mentioned: Kevin Shelley, Horticulture

Dairy Outlook Sours
The Progressive Farmer, 4/8/20
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Surplus milk: Can you feed it to your dairy herd?
Progressive Dairy, 4/9/20
Mentioned: Matt Akins, Dairy Science

Stephenson: Reducing Milk Supply is Solution to Dairy Glut Issue
Dairy Agenda Today, 4/9/20
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Re-opening Dairy Margin Coverage enrollment draws mixed reactions
Brownfield Ag News, 4/8/20
Quoted: Mitch Breunig, Alumnus, Dairy Science
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Profitability

Economist: Farmers must act now to participate in SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program
Brownfield Ag News, 4/3/20
Quoted: Joy Kirkpatrick, Center for Dairy Profitability

Of Interest

Cats can get coronavirus easier than dogs, but risk is low, study says
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/8/20

Jobless Brits urged to ‘pick for Britain’ as COVID-19 blocks foreign farmworkers
Marketplace, 4/8/20