Learning opportunity: Supervising remotely

These are definitely unique times that are, for many of us, requiring a shift in a how we work and supervise. Learning and Talent Development is offering a brief session for those who want to explore with other supervisors more about supervising remotely.

Description: During these uncertain times, many of you who are now faced with supervising remotely. This session will offer a quick introduction to supervising remotely and an opportunity to connect with other managers to discuss challenges, successes, and strategies. This session has 2 parts.

  • Part 1: You must watch the LinkedIn Learning video titled, “Leading at a Distance” by Kevin Eikenberry (37 minutes). Access LinkedIn Learning here:
  • Part 2: Log on to the Webex call on your scheduled date, to work with small groups to discuss challenges, successes, and strategies for supervising remote (1 hour)