Hillmer: Additional restrictions for children in the workplace

Sent to department chairs, center director and administrators on 3/17/20.

Several units have asked questions regarding children in the workplace.  In that regard, the following information is provided.

UW-Madison is a family-friendly workplace and supports work-life balance by providing appropriate flexibilities for employees as are outlined in campus employee health and safety policy, 13.04 Children in the Workplace. Occasionally, an employee may want to bring a child or children into the workplace under several circumstances, including:

  • Brief visits (e.g., an employee introduces a child to co-workers; an employee brings a child to work before or after an appointment).
  • Specific campus events that are employer-sanctioned and at which attendance by children is encouraged.
  • In the event of an emergency.

Note: Children should never be brought to work in lieu of extended and regular childcare. 

Per the policy, children are not allowed in High Risk Areas such as animal care or animal research facilities, or food preparation areas.  With the COVID-19 pandemic issues, and UW-Madison’s emphasis on the importance of active preparations to protect the health and well-being of our campus community for not only COVID-19, but all communicable diseases, the entire UW-Madison campus is currently considered a High Risk Area and therefore, children are not allowed in the workplace under any circumstances.