This e-mail was sent to CALS instructors and department chairs on 3/14/20 and updated on 3/17/20.

Dear Faculty and Instructors,

As you prepare for alternative delivery of your instruction beginning on Mar 23, I would like to remind you of campus resources and let you know of additional college resources to support you with these efforts.

The Provost’s office continues to provide general guidance, suggested strategies and tools, and where to reach out for additional support at  They are also offering live webinars to address key considerations for getting started, strategies and tools to help communication with students, sharing of content, assessment of learning, and how to accomplish key course activities remotely to meet you and your students’ needs.

CALS also has a team, with help from DCS, to help support you locally.  There will be workshops daily this week.  Monday will start with the basics of canvas (Canvas 101), especially for those who have not used Canvas at all, rarely, or not recently, but all are welcome (see topics below).  Tuesday will be Canvas 102, to help with additional Canvas functionality.  Additional workshops will be held Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with the specific topics developed as your needs become clearer.

Canvas 101:  Especially for instructors who have never logged in to Canvas (sign up)

  1. Finding your course
  2. Adding content
  3. Giving students access
  4. Communicating with students
  5. Next steps

Canvas 102: For instructors who completed the 101 session; for instructors who have logged in to Canvas previously but not familiar with all Canvas functionality. (sign up)

  1. Communicating with students
  2. Creating assignments
  3. Assessing students
  4. Grading
  5. Next steps

A Canvas site, Instructional Continuity, has been generated as a place to provide you with additional links to resources and some basic directions for how to use Canvas.  It is not quite up and running yet, but we hope to get it live to you soon even as we are working on organization to make it most helpful to a wide range of needs.  Here is the link to self-register:

And finally, webinar sessions designed for instructors who are new to Blackboard are being offered by Blackboard vendor.  The one appropriate for our instructors is “Getting Started Teaching a Virtual Class”.  (sign up)

Please note that we have an imperfect way to identify all faculty and staff who are instructing this semester, so if you are not currently instructing or you are not in CALS, please disregard this message.  Additionally, please forward to anyone who might have been missed, including TAs and anyone contributing to instruction who is not an instructor of record.

Thank you for all your efforts to continue to provide excellent instruction for all our students, even during this period of disruption.  Please direct questions or concerns through this online form.

Karen Wassarman
Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences