March TTC update: TTC activities in the coming months

The information below outlines what TTC activities will occur in the next few months.

March TTC Activities

April TTC Activities

  • Employee/manager conversations occur through April 9, 2020

May TTC Activities

  • Employees officially notified of their new job title and salary range
  • New salary structure published (see What Is a Salary Structure learning series for more information)
  • Starting May 15, formal appeals process begins and occurs through June 15, 2020 (see Job Classification Appeals Process learning series for more information; C-basis employees will have an appeal window later in the year)
  • Employee forums held (dates and times TBD)

June TTC Activities

  • Employee forums held (dates and times TBD)
  • Starting June 12, new titles used for all recruitments

July TTC Activities:

  • July 1: New titles and salary structure are effective

A reminder that The Total and Title Compensation Project is an opportunity to modernize our title, pay, and benefits programs. The project includes a redesign of the title and total compensation structure which will result in relevant and market-informed titles to help us continue to attract and retain an outstanding workforce. The new job framework has been designed to organize job titles and create consistent job descriptions to be able to compare our jobs with similar titles and work done in peer institutions and other organizations to create a market-based pay structure.