State Building Commission approves funding plans for Babcock Hall and Meat Science capital projects

On Thursday, February 27, the State Building Commission approved the final funding plans for two important building projects: Babcock Hall’s Center for Dairy Research addition and dairy plant renovation, which will increase our capacity for dairy-processing research; and the new Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery Building, which will house research supporting the state’s meat processing industry.

Following the vote, Dean Kate VandenBosch said, “It has been a difficult period for Wisconsin agriculture, and we appreciate members of the Commission recognizing that these two buildings will house crucial research and development activities that will help grow two important sectors of the state’s agriculture into the future.”

Both projects were approved by the Board of Regents in early February. With these final approvals complete, construction can continue in earnest. Substantial completion of the Meat Science building is scheduled for August of this year and substantial completion for the Babcock Hall project is scheduled for January 2022.