CALS in the News for the Week of January 25-31

In the News

Badger Flame Beet Fever Arrives With An All-Star Chef Pop-Up Dinner
Forbes, 1/28/2020
Quoted: Irwin Goldman, Horticulture

UW Researcher Uses Sound To Examine Health Of Rainforests
Wisconsin Public Radio, 1/30/2020
Interviewed: Zuzana Burivalova, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Scientists study, prepare for coronavirus in Wisconsin
Wisconsin State Journal, 1/29/2020
Quoted: Robert Kirchdoerfer, Biochemistry

‘Uncertain and precarious:’ UW graduate students fight for improved workplace protections
Wisconsin State Journal, 1/29/2020
Quoted: Keo Corak, Student, Horticulture

Could the coronavirus scare have been avoided? One leading health authority thinks so.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 1/28/2020
Quoted: Robert Kirchdoerfer, Biochemistry

Researchers Work to Unearth Hemp’s Soil Needs
Shepherd Express, 1/28/2020
Interviewed: Carrie Laboski, Soil Science
Mentioned: Arlington Agricultural Research Station
Mentioned: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Wisconsin researchers work to create vaccine, anti-viral drug to fight coronavirus
WISC 12, 1/30/2020
Interviewed: Robert Kirchdoerfer, Biochemistry

UW researchers developing cure for new coronavirus
WKOW 27, 1/30/2020
Quoted: Robert Kirchdoerfer, Biochemistry
Quoted: Nithesh Chandrasekharan, Student, Biochemistry

Ag experts: optimistic 2020 outlook for farmers after rough 2019
Spectrum News, 1/30/2020
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Quoted: Tessa Conroy, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Food as Medicine: Finding relief to chronic and mental health conditions
NBC 15, 1/24/2020
Interviewed: Bradley Bolling, Food Science

Leader by Extension
Meatingplace Magazine, January 2020
Interviewed: Jeff Sindelar, Animal Sciences
Mentioned: Kathy Glass, Food Research Institute
Mentioned: Andy Milkowski, Animal Sciences

Marinette County Farm Couple Wins 67th State OYF Award
USAgNet, 1/26/2020
Quoted: Phil Finger, Alumnus, Diary Science
Mentioned: Jeremy Natzke, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course
Mentioned: Kelly Fruit, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course
Mentioned: J.J. Pagel, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course

Farmer reevaluates, connects to future
Agri-View, 1/30/2020
Quoted: Kelly Maynard, UW Center for Cooperatives

Vermont researcher looking for hemp answers
The Country Today, 1/27/2020
Interviewed: Heather Darby, Alumna, Agronomy
Quoted: Shelby Ellison, Horticulture

Growing season: Maple Hill Farm to show off Ladysmith sheep dairy
The Country Today, 1/25/2020
Mentioned: Spooner Agricultural Research Station

Of Interest

After the Purge
Isthmus, 1/30/2020

Dairy owner accused of stealing from Wisconsin farmers
AP, 1/30/2020