Encourage students to apply for WALSAA Outstanding Sophomore Awards

Please encourage your students to apply for the WALSAA Outstanding Sophomore Awards. Applications are due on Friday, Feb. 14. Students are able to apply online. Directions are provided below.

Award Details:

WALSAA – The Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association – offers ten (10) $2,000 scholarships every year to CALS students in their second year of college. Funds are applied to the awardees’ 2020-2021 tuition. Students are chosen based upon academic achievement, leadership, honors and service – all weighted equally.

To apply, students should visit the WALSAA Scholarship Page on The application opened on Tuesday, Dec. 10 and will close on Friday, Feb. 14.

Based on applications, 20-25 students will be invited to an interview on Mar. 10. Interviews are 15 minutes and will be used to determine the 10 scholarship winners.

Watch for “how to apply” tips for this prestigious opportunity on the WALSAA Facebook page.

Note: This award is for students in their second year of college and is NOT determined by number of credits. For example, a student in their first year, with sophomore standing based on credits would NOT be eligible.

For questions, please contact WALSAA Scholarship Committee Chair David Cooper at