Recent retirements

Best wishes to colleagues who retired from CALS in the third quarter of 2019:

  • Ken Albrecht, Agronomy
  • Johanne Brunet, Entomology
  • Teresa Busby, Soil Science
  • Stuart Elmer, Dairy Science
  • Catherine Jobsis Hoernke, Animal Sciences
  • Dave Kammel, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Bill Klein, Food Science
  • Gerald Maly, Arlington Agricultural Research Station
  • Kathleen Martin-Taylor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
  • Patty McManus, Plant Pathology
  • Kathy Monson, Animal Sciences and Dairy Science
  • Kirk Parkin, Food Science
  • Ronald Russell, Animal Sciences
  • Ken Scott, Community and Environmental Sociology
  • Randy Shaver, Dairy Science