September TTC Update: Survey, November forums, FAQs

What is coming up?

In the next few weeks:

  • Another short survey from campus where you are invited to share your feedback on the TTC project so far!

In the next few months:

  • Early to mid-November: Standard Job Description (SJD) library posted
  • November forums (dates/times may have shifted from previous eCALS articles)
    • Tuesday, November 12
      • Union South (Multi-lingual) – 9-10:30am
      • Gordon Dining (English-only) – 1-2:30pm
    • Wednesday, November 13
      • Health Science Learning Center (Multi-lingual) – 11pm-12:30am
    • Thursday, November 14
      • Health Science Learning Center (English-only) – 1-2:30pm
    • Wednesday, November 20
      • *NEW* online forum – 11:30am-1pm
  • December – February: Online manager training to prepare managers for employee conversations
  • December 1 – February 15: Employee and manager conversations

Some frequently asked questions:

Why were SJDs created?

  • Define a list of common responsibilities shared by other UW employees in similar roles
  • Provide a standard way of describing a job that can be compared to others doing the same work across the broader labor market
  • Promote a fair and equitable process for regularly monitoring and comparing our compensation and pay structures to keep pace with an ever-changing labor market

What is the difference between an SJD and my Position Description?

  • SJD: A general set of responsibilities, without regard to any specific employee, that describes work performed, and role and impact to the organization.
  • PD: The total work performed and role of an individual employee, including general andunique responsibilities.

How will my new PD be created?

  • Office of Human Resources: Initial match of SJD to employee
  • Division/department HR: Refine and confirm SJD match
  • Manager: Build PD from matched SJD
  • Manager and employee: Confirm PD describes employee’s job

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