Onboarding updates: New website for new CALS employees, improved onboarding resources

CALS Human Resources has developed a new employee webpage designed to welcome and orient new employees: Please check it out, share your feedback with CALS HR, and help spread the word about it.

Additionally, CALS Human Resources improved the existing unit/department onboarding checklist to be more comprehensive and allow for customization. Other onboarding materials have also been given a facelift.

As a reminder, the goals of onboarding are:

  • Accommodating: Getting the new employee the tools, resources, and training to be successful
  • Acculturating: Helping the employee understand and navigate the culture of the organization
  • Accelerating: Minimizing the time before new employees are productive members of their workgroup

The outcomes are:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Employee retention
  • Engagement and commitment
  • Faster time-to-productivity

If you’re interested in learning more about onboarding, take a look at UW-Madison’s Onboarding Basics.

Have questions on onboarding? Reach out to CALS’ Onboarding Coordinator Vanessa Vosen at