CALS Wellness Committee tip: 10 ways to increase your steps in the next month

From Nicole Vegel, Campus Chief Employee Wellness Leader:

  1. Go for a walk – Plain and simple!
  2. Walk inside – Bad weather? Try walking around your house or worksite.
  3. Walk and talk – Don’t just talk on the phone, walk and talk on the phone!
  4. Get up once an hour at work – Set an alarm on your phone/computer and stand up/walk around every hour.
  5. Play with the kids in the backyard – It literally makes their day!
  6. Take the furthest parking spot – You’d be surprised at how many steps add up with simple changes.
  7. Take the stairs – Great leg/glute workout, also.
  8. Walk your dog – Good for both of you!
  9. Go on a hike – Take advantage of the beautiful Wisconsin Parks!
  10. Go golfing – Bonus if you don’t get a cart!