Timothy Van Deelen wins 2019 Spitze Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence

Over the summer, eCALS is highlighting each winner of a 2019 CALS Award. Winners were recognized at an award ceremony on Wednesday, May 1.

Photo: Michael P. King

Congratulations to Timothy Van Deelen in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology on receiving the Spitze Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence! In outlining his Land Grant philosophy, Van Deelen describes his sense of responsibility to the next generation of wildlife ecologists, and to the people of Wisconsin, for preserving the history and advancing the conservation of the ecological richness of the state.

Photo: Michael P. King

As a teacher, Van Deelen provides students with real-world experiences outside of the classroom. As a scientist, he is highly respected for his research on, and the application of, wildlife resource management and conservation in Wisconsin, the nation and the world. Despite not having a formal extension appointment, Van Deelen has an impressive public outreach and service portfolio. He has given conservation talks to a variety of audiences, from elementary school students to hunting groups, and has been asked to speak at events and conduct interviews around the world.

His work hits all three of the college’s core mission areas of teaching, research and outreach, making him a well-rounded Land Grant faculty member.