College announces next round of new faculty positions

Dean Kate VandenBosch recently informed department chairs of the approved faculty positions resulting from proposals submitted to the college in the spring. Hires funded from sources outside of the college, including cluster hires, faculty transfers, spousal hires and Target of Opportunity hires, are not included on this list.

The following faculty positions were approved:

  • Diversified farming systems (Entomology)
  • Science communication (Life Sciences Communication)

The following program directorship position was also released:

  • Meat Science & Animal Biologics Discovery director (Animal Sciences)

No Extension-funded proposals were approved during this round. Extension specialist positions are on hold until additional financial decisions are made within the Division of Extension.

These departments will now begin the recruitment process, with the goal of completing the searches during the upcoming academic year.

Requests for position and bridge funding are open twice per year, during each of the academic semesters. The next round of requests will be due during the fall semester.