CALS in the News for the Week of July 13 – 19

In the News

Viewpoint: Why CRISPR-edited crops should be allowed in organic agriculture
Genetic Literacy Project, 7/18/2019
Quoted: Bill Tracy, Agronomy

Indigenous Maize: Who Owns the Rights to Mexico’s ‘Wonder’ Plant?
Yale Environment 360, 7/16/2019
Quoted: Jack Kloppenburg, Emeritus, Community and Environmental Sociology
Mentioned: Jean-Michel Ané, Bacteriology

Northern Wisconsin ‘CHEESEHEAD’ Study Covers A Lot Of Ground And Air
Wisconsin Public Radio, 7/17/2019
Quoted: Phil Townsend, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Wisconsin, Upper Midwest Look To Crack Into Commercial Hazelnut Production
Wisconsin Public Radio, 7/15/2019
Quoted: Jed Colquhoun, Horticulture

Dane County Fair organizers prepare for extreme heat on Friday
Wisconsin State Journal, 7/18/2019
Quoted: Richard Straub, Biological Systems Engineering

Researchers and growers come together to improve potato crop
WAOW, 7/18/2019
Quoted: Felix Navarro, Hancock Agricultural Research Station

Wet spring slows crop growth
Spectrum News | Madison, 7/12/2019
Quoted: Joe Lauer, Agronomy

Workshop addressing the spread of invasive plants held in Chippewa County
WEAU, 7/18/2019
Quoted: Mark Renz, Agronomy

Late blight detected in central Wisconsin, southern Washington
Vegetable Growers News, 7/19/2019
Quoted: Amanda Gevens, Plant Pathology

Luck Creates Engagement Points
Wisconsin Farm Report, 7/19/2019
Mentioned: Brian Luck, Biological Systems Engineering
Mentioned: Donald Peterson, Deceased, Agronomy

WALSAA Reunion Picnic to be Held in Conjunction with WFTD
Wisconsin Ag Connection, 7/15/2019
Mentioned: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Mentioned: Farm and Industry Short Course

Dairy Report: Milk Production Is Down, But What’s Driving It?
Dairy Herd Management, 7/12/2019
Mentioned: Bob Cropp, Emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Mentioned: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Drop of milk tells fat, protein, somatic-cell count, disease
Agri-View, 7/19/2019
Mentioned: Pamela Ruegg, Emeritus, Dairy Science

Dig deep for farming therapy to help those who have sacrificed for all
Agri-View, 7/16/2019
Quoted: Steve Ventura, Soil Science
Mentioned: Farm and Industry Short Course

Of Interest

Scientists Desert USDA As Agency Relocates To Kansas City Area
National Public Radio, 7/17/2019

Harvard Professor Still ‘Playing Science’ And Winning Federal Grants At Almost 94
WBUR-Boston, 7/12/2019

EPA will not ban use of controversial pesticide linked to children’s health problems
The Washington Post, 7/18/2019