Fox World Travel services fees

Central campus announced that beginning this fiscal year, Fox World Travel service fees are again being charged with airfare purchases. The fees will appear on receipts and will be charged as a separate line item. The below fees will be charged when the ticket is issued:

  • Concur/On Line Reservations: Domestic $8.25, International $18.25
  • Agent assisted Reservations: Domestic $25.00, International $32.00
  • Group Travel Reservations: Domestic $30.00, International $37.00

Service fees for hotel/car rental reservations or after hours calls/support will not be charged. These fees will be paid by UW System Administration. In addition, no fees will be assessed for the required cost comparisons from a Fox agent when personal travel is combined with business travel.

While the service fees may appear new to some users, it is important to note they are not. Please see below for a brief history.

  • Fiscal Years 14 – 16: Fox World Travel services fees were added to UW–Madison travel charges and appeared on receipts.
  • Fiscal Years 17 – 19: UW System Administration moved from a per-charge service fee to a system-wide service fee. This service fee was allocated to the different campuses based on campus FTE head count. Business Services allocated the fee to each division based on travel activity. The charges were applied to one funding string per division. Since the service fees could not be associated with specific transactions, Business Services could no longer pass the fees for grant-related travel to the granting agency. These uncollectable grant-related fees were estimated at $84,000 per year, an approximate $240,000 loss over three years. Returning to the per transaction fees will allow us to accurately apply these fees to grants.

Any questions can be directed to a CALS Business Services accountant.