Jonathan Pauli wins 2019 CALS Pound Research Award

Over the next few weeks, eCALS will highlight each winner of a 2019 CALS Award. Winners were recognized at an award ceremony on Wednesday, May 1.

Photo: Michael P. King

Congratulations to Jonathan Pauli on receiving the 2019 CALS Pound Research Award! Pauli is an associate professor in the Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology. He is a productive researcher who has secured over five million dollars in extramural funding since joining the faculty, and his research has been widely featured in popular media.

Photo: Michael P. King

Pauli is reshaping how we understand climate change and its impacts. While much of his work involves organisms that live above the snow, he and his colleagues have also brought critical interest to the biodiversity below the surface. His work in neotropical ecology and conservation has also been broadly recognized. Specifically, Pauli and his colleagues have essentially rewritten our understanding of sloths through the investigation of land-use changes.

Recognizing the opportunity to provide a centralized database for isotope data that would impact nearly every discipline of the physical and biological sciences, Pauli has been instrumental in the development of an “Isobank.” He is an innovative and forward thinking researcher who is a remarkable asset to CALS.