Damon Smith wins 2019 CALS Pound Extension Award

Over the next few weeks, eCALS will highlight each winner of a 2019 CALS Award. Winners were recognized at an award ceremony on Wednesday, May 1.

Photo: Michael P. King

Congratulations to Damon Smith on receiving the 2019 CALS Pound Extension Award! Smith is an associate professor in the Department of Plant Pathology. A major focus of his research is integrated management of white mold, or SSR, which causes stem rot in soybeans. He led the development of models that predict the risk of SSR and created two free smartphone apps that have been downloaded over 1600 times since their release last year.

Photo: Michael P. King

Smith also fosters the Wisconsin Idea through his collaborative research and workshops in the state. He works to identify optimal growth stages for application of fungicides to control diseases on alfalfa, corn, soybeans and wheat. Most recently, he is bringing his knowledge and expertise to a new research and education team developing a program for potential hemp producers in Wisconsin.

Smith is a respected leader and researcher with excellent communication skills that help him spread knowledge of field crop pathology among students on campus, farmers in the state, and people around the world.