Emmy Sutton wins 2019 CALS University Staff Recognition Award

Over the next few weeks, eCALS will highlight each winner of a 2019 CALS Award. Winners were recognized at an award ceremony on Wednesday, May 1.

Photo: Michael P. King

Congratulations to Emmerika (Emmy) Sutton, recipient of a 2019 CALS University Staff Recognition Award! Sutton is an animal research technician at the Marshfield Agricultural Research Station. Through her work, she demonstrates that she truly cares about and takes pride in what she does.

She is a planner and problem solver whose practice of cleanliness and safety helps avoid damage, costly repairs, disruption of workflow and injury to staff. As an accredited University livestock program, the station has to adhere to a high standard of cleanliness, but Sutton goes above and beyond what is expected.

In addition, Sutton has a calm and quiet demeanor that benefits low stress livestock handling. She regularly passes on her techniques and best practices to student hourlies and other less-experienced animal handlers, making her an excellent role model and mentor.