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Research mentor training seminar offered

Research Mentor Training Seminar
Cultivating Effective, Culturally Responsive Mentoring

June 6, 13, 20, 27
WISCIENCE Room 117, 445 Henry Mall
*Faculty Only Section*

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Mentor training can make the difference between a mutually beneficial and productive mentoring relationship and one that’s draining for the mentor and discouraging for the mentee.

The following topics will be explored during Research Mentor Training…

  • Maintaining effective communications
  • Aligning expectations
  • Assessing understanding
  • Addressing equity and inclusion
  • Fostering independence
  • Cultivating ethical behavior
  • Promoting professional development
  • Promoting mentee self-efficacy

For more information, contact Amber Smith, Director of Mentor and Mentee Training, WISCIENCE.