CALS in the News for the Week of March 23 – 29

In the News

Struggling dairy farmers seek higher milk prices – before it’s too late
USA Today via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 3/25/2019
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Quoted: Shelly Mayer, Alumna, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted: Tom Crosby, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course

Cottage Cheese Is the New Greek Yogurt
The Atlantic, 3/24/2019
Quoted: John Lucey, Food Science

Wisconsin dairy farmers lean on creativity, innovation
Associated Press, 3/24/2019
Quoted: Luke Lisowe, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course
Mentioned: Victor Cabrera, Dairy Science

Bitter Harvest: Debt and the Bankrupting of the American Family Farm
Debtwire, 3/25/2019
Quoted: Steven Deller, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Less-Educated Wisconsinites Faring Worse As Job Growth Shifts From Manufacturing To Service Industry
Wisconsin Public Radio, 3/27/2019
Quoted: Steven Deller, Agricultural and Applied Economics

The Lasting Effects Of Redlining In Milwaukee
Wisconsin Public Radio, 3/26/2019
Interviewed: Josh Garoon, Community and Environmental Sociology
Mentioned: Applied Population Lab

What Will The 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines For Americans Look Like?
Wisconsin Public Radio, 3/25/2019
Interviewed: Beth Olson, Nutritional Sciences

Snapshot Wisconsin Reveals The Hidden Lives Of Wild Animals
WisContext, 3/21/2019
Quoted: Jennifer Stenglein, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Quoted: Phil Townsend, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

To spray or not to spray: Controlling mosquitoes comes with a cost
Wisconsin State Journal, 3/23/2019
Written by: Karen Oberhauser, Entomology

The Power of Worker Cooperatives
WORT 89.9 FM, 3/22/2019
Interviewed: Charity Schmidt, UW Center for Cooperatives

City-owned apartment complex deals with bed bug infestation in Baraboo
Baraboo News Republic, 3/27/2019
Quoted: PJ Liesch, Entomology

Farmers focus on water, transportation, hemp at Ag Day
The Country Today, 3/25/2019
Quoted: Larry Konopacki, Alumnus, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Mentioned: UW Dairy Innovation Hub proposal
Mentioned: College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

Ag Day at the Capitol: Telling the story for agriculture
Wisconsin State Farmer, 3/26/2019
Mentioned: UW Dairy Innovation Hub proposal

Technical college sustainable ag course helps new farmers succeed
Wisconsin State Farmer, 3/27/2019
Quoted: Valerie Dantoin, Alumna, Bacteriology and Agronomy

Badgers take powerful message to Congress
Wisconsin State Farmer, 3/26/2019
Mentioned: Susan Paskewitz, Entomology
Mentioned: Chris Kucharik, Agronomy
Mentioned: Babcock ice cream

Milk production continues to slow
Wisconsin Agriculturist, 3/25/2019
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics

University of Wisconsin-Madison Badger Dairy Camp update
DairyBusiness, 3/26/2019
Mentioned: Department of Dairy Science
Mentioned: Kalyanna Williams, Dairy Science

Of Interest

How Mosquitoes Sniff Out Human Sweat To Find Us
National Public Radio, 3/28/2019