Did you recently start receiving multiple eCALS newsletters? If yes, here’s why

Recently, some eCALS readers noticed that they’ve started receiving multiple copies of the eCALS newsletter. There is a reason for that. It’s related to a change that DoIT made to WiscList to make sure messages are distributed in a timely way.

In recent months, there had been significant delays when sending messages via WiscList groups. When sending to a WiscList, it had become common for a message to be delayed for two to four hours. To solve this problem, DoIT turned off WiscList’s “de-duplication” function, which was the source of slowness in the system. Now, however, because the eCALS newsletter is sent to 11 different WiscLists, some people are receiving the newsletter multiple times–one copy for each WisList they belong to.

There are pros and cons to this change. The eCALS newsletter is now distributed in a timely way. Some recipients, however, will need to delete the extra copy/copies they receive.