CALS in the News for the Week of February 16 – 22

How human food is changing wildlife
BBC News, 2/21/2019
Quoted: Jonathan Pauli, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

The Vanishing Flights of the Monarch Butterfly
The New Yorker, 2/20/2019
Quoted: Karen Oberhauser, Entomology

Rice, maize and sorghum may be able to fix nitrogen from the air
The Economist (subscription required), 2/21/2019
Quoted: Jean-Michel Ané, Bacteriology

Q&A with Monica White: Black farmers’ role in the struggle for civil rights
Food and Environment Reporting Network, 2/18/2019
Quoted: Monica White, Community and Environmental Sociology

Biologists as Communicators
BioScience (subscription required), 2/1/2019
Quoted and Pictured: Dietram Scheufele, Life Sciences Communication
Quoted and Pictured: Solveig Hanson, Horticulture
Quoted and Pictured: Christina Hansen, Genetics and Life Sciences Communication

Oversupply Of Milk Continues To Erode Farmers’ Bottom Line
Wisconsin Public Radio, 2/18/2019
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Wisconsin’s Top 10 Insect Trends Of 2018
WisContext, 2/18/2019
Written by: PJ Liesch, Entomology

Smith: Piebald deer provide rare, handsome twist to whitetail world
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2/20/2019
Quoted: Scott Craven, Emeritus, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Wisconsin gets its first cider pub and it’s in Mount Horeb
Wisconsin State Journal, 2/17/2019
Quoted: Matt Raboin, Alumnus, Agroecology
Mentioned: Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems

Capturing love of mountains on canvas
Wisconsin State Journal, 2/17/2019
Quoted: Jesse Pfammatter, Alumnus, Entomology

Who speaks for the birds? Madisonians join movement to prevent bird collisions with buildings
The Capital Times, 2/21/2019
Quoted: Anna Pidgeon, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Mentioned: Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Mentioned: Microbial Sciences Building

Life, work of Leopold on display at UW
The Eau Claire Leader Telegram, 2/18/2019
Quoted: Stanley Temple, Emeritus, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Mentioned: Aldo Leopold, deceased, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Sawle lends financial skills
Agri-View, 2/21/2019
Quoted: Jaime Sawle, Alumna, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Quoted: Kylene Anderson, Alumna, Life Sciences Communication and Dairy Science
Mentioned: Jon Sawle, Alumnus, Animal Sciences
Mentioned: Jennifer Sawle, Alumna, Agronomy
Mentioned: Association of Women in Agriculture
Mentioned: Association of Women in Agriculture Benefit Corporation

Of Interest

Critics Say Border Wall Could Harm Wildlife Corridors And Sensitive Desert Terrain
National Public Radio, 2/21/2019

Farmworkers could be replaced by robots sooner than we think
The Washington Post, 2/17/2019

Border life: A rancher’s economic argument for a wall
Marketplace (American Public Media), 2/21/2019

The comeback crop
Isthmus, 2/21/2019