UAPC discusses proposal to create a Division of Extension

At their February 21 meeting, the University Academic Planning Council (UAPC) will discuss a preliminary proposal to establish the Division of Extension at UW–Madison and to establish a departmental tenure home for faculty within the Division. Following discussion with UAPC, another draft will be released for general circulation and comment. Feedback on an updated draft will be solicited from governance groups and administrators within UW-Madison, and from Cooperative Extension faculty and staff.

Professor Steve Ventura (Soil Science), co-chair of the ad hoc faculty Extension transition workgroup, notes in the cover letter that the proposal is preliminary and that the group is seeking feedback on the details of the proposed structure before submitting a final proposal for consideration in April. Other members of the faculty workgroup appointed by their respective University Committees include Brian Ohm (Planning and Landscape Architecture), Carrie Laboski (Soil Science), Bill Tracy (Agronomy), and Pattie Carroll (Cooperative Extension), Kristin Krokowski (Cooperative Extension), Patrick Nehring (Cooperative Extension) and Elmo Rawling (Cooperative Extension, co-chair).

The creation of the Division and establishment of a new tenure home for faculty results from the 2017 Board of Regents’ decision to close UW-Extension and UW Colleges and reassign their units to other campuses within the UW System. Governance rules require new divisions and departments to be approved by the UAPC and the Faculty Senate.