CALS in the News for the Week of January 26 – February 1

In the News

When Super Bowl fans eat a billion chicken wings, the world eats the leftovers
Global News (Canada), 2/1/2019
Quoted: Ronald Kean, Animal Sciences

Experts predict another challenging year for dairy farmers
The Washington Post, 1/31/2019
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Wisconsin’s Economic Outlook For 2019
Wisconsin Public Radio, 1/29/2019
Interviewed: Steven Deller, Agricultural and Applied Economics

UW-Madison Researchers Study Coyotes In The City
Wisconsin Life, 1/25/2019
Interviewed: Sarah Julia Garza, Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Interviewed: David Drake, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

UW-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course Reunion
Channel, 1/26/2019
Quoted: Cory Brown, Alumnus, Farm and Industry Short Course

Integrating wellness into everything we do
Madison Magazine, 1/29/2019
Quoted: Josh Steger, Horticulture
Mentioned: Allen Centennial Garden

UW-Madison research discovery could impact lager production
WMTV – NBC15, 1/30/2019
Mentioned: Chris Todd Hittinger, Genetics
Mentioned: EmilyClare Baker, Alumna, Microbiology

UW-Madison 2019 Agricultural Outlook Forum
WMTV – NBC15, 1/29/2019
Quoted: Paul Mitchell, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Editorial: Extension move to UW-Madison creates opportunities
The Eau Claire Leader Telegram, 1/28/2019
Written by: Rebecca Blank, UW–Madison Chancellor
Mentioned: Applied Population Lab

Trade War Aggravates Wisconsin’s Slumping Agriculture Economy
WisContext, 1/28/2019
Quoted: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Profitability

Wisconsin’s specialty crop acres, values down
Brownfield Ag News, 1/30/2019
Quoted: Jed Colquhoun, Horticulture

Different types of tillage and reduced-tillage each have their costs to consider
Brownfield Ag News, 1/29/2019
Interviewed: Francisco Arriaga, Soil Science

SASD student decline slowing, UW study shows
Unified News Group, 1/27/2019
Quoted: Sarah Kemp, Community and Environmental Sociology
Mentioned: Applied Population Lab

“Developing dairy solutions at home”
PDPW Dairy’s Bottom Line, 1/8/2019, pages 22-23
Quoted: John Lucey, Food Science
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Research

Of Interest

New U.S. Experiments Aim To Create Gene-Edited Human Embryos
National Public Radio, 2/1/2019
Mentioned: R. Alta Charo, UW–Madison

US academics feel the invisible hand of politicians and big agriculture
The Guardian, 1/31/2019

‘A Marginally Better Year’ for State Funding
Inside Higher Ed, 1/21/2019