Jason Cavadini presented Face of Wisconsin award

MARS Assistant Superintendent Jason Cavadini, right, pictured with Pheasants Forever Farm Bill Biologist Becky Brathal, left. Brathal has become a key partner with MARS and the Eau Pleine Partnership for Integrated Conservation (EPPIC).

On Saturday, Jan. 19, Marshfield Agricultural Research Station Assistant Superintendent Jason Cavadini was presented the Face of Wisconsin award at the 2019 Wisconsin Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever State Convention in Warrens, Wisconsin. This award is in recognition of efforts to demonstrate and promote no-till, cover crops, perennial cropping, native species plantings, and managed grazing in order to get more conservation on the land in north-central Wisconsin. It demonstrates the far-reaching effects of soil and water conservation. Last year alone, a perennial pasture expansion at MARS resulted in the return of the American Woodcock and the Bobwhite Quail — two upland species that have been on on a steady decline in recent history.