CALS recipients of UW Academic Staff Professional Development Grants

Five CALS academic staff members were recently selected to receive UW-Madison Academic Staff Professional Development Grants. These grants, awarded twice each year, are intended to support professional development and/or training to improve the effectiveness of academic staff members in their current roles. The awards cover up to half of the cost of the development opportunity, with the applicant’s unit covering the remaining portion.

Recent grant award recipients are:

  • Ben Futa, director of Allen Centennial Garden, to attend a conference about sustaining vibrant museums/gardens
  • Ruth Genger, horticulture, to attend a conference related to indigenous farming
  • Kaitlin Mcintosh, horticulture, for an event
  • Geoffrey Siemering, soil science, to attend a summit related to geosciences
  • Laura Tollefson, CALS Research Division, to attend a meeting for technology managers

Information about AS Professional Development Grant opportunities–including CALS-specific deadlines–is announced via eCALS.