Meet CALS Study Abroad’s peer advisors

The CALS Office of Academic Affairs has four study abroad peer advisors, whose role in 116 Ag Hall is to meet with fellow students interested in studying abroad and to discuss the steps to take before, during, and after students board the plane for a new adventure.

Each of the CALS study abroad peer advisors has completed one, if not multiple, international experiences (see their profiles below), so they can offer their first-hand knowledge to fellow students about how to navigate the paperwork, preparation and culture shock involved in participating on an international program.

According to professional staff, peer advisors are a great resource for prospective study abroad students, because they bring their own student experience to the table, which often makes students feel more comfortable discussing any pre-departure topics. These topics can include identity issues that may arise while abroad, and scholarship opportunities, among other topics.

Our CALS study abroad peer advisors are:

Abagail Catania

Major: Agricultural Business Management and Legal Studies, Criminal Justice Certificate

Study abroad program: Worldwide International Internship Program in Uganda; University of Westminster in London, England

Quote: My time abroad allowed me to see new places and experiences new cultures. I was able to study abroad in London where I will now be going to graduate school at the University of Westminster. After London I volunteered in Uganda for a semester and I was able to not only break down stereotypes but I was able to truly connect with people and learn the Ugandan culture and history. My time spent in Uganda really opened my eyes to different aspects of life I have never paid much attention to before

Caroline Gasao

Major: Biology & Life Sciences Communication, Global Health Certificate

Study abroad program: UW Microbiology and Public Health in Thailand

Quote: I loved studying abroad in Thailand for academic and personal reasons. I realized how important my identity is to me as a Hmong American woman. I’ve found that going abroad and coming back, I am even more proud of my people’s rich culture and history, especially as it relates to Thailand. Studying abroad has been the best decision I’ve made during my college career. It has grown not only my knowledge of global health but also my cultural competency.

Taijza Bailey

Major: Genetics, Classical Studies Certificate

Study abroad program: UW Classics in Greece

Quote: I was able to complete a requirement for my Classical Studies Certificate through this program. The benefit of my program being three weeks was that I had more of an appreciation of the places that we did visit because I knew I wouldn’t be staying there for a longer period of time.

Bailey Bowe

Major: Life Sciences Communication, Entrepreneurship Certificate

Study abroad program: FIE London Summer Internship; Kenya: UW Design Thinking With Communities

Quote: Studying abroad was the best decision I made in my undergraduate career. Both programs taught me personal, academic, and professional lessons. In London, I learned about the importance of diversity in the workplace and grew a strong sense of independence. In Kenya, I learned about the foundations of building a strong community, as well as the importance of relationships. Overall, it was an incredible experience connecting with people on the other side of the world through our similarities and differences.

Peer Advisor Walk- in Hours:
Monday/ Wednesday 2:00-4:00pm
Tuesday/ Thursday 1:00-3:00pm
Friday 1:00-2:30pm