AAE to offer new master’s degree option to train quantitatively-skilled analysts and managers

The Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics (AAE) recently received approval from the University Academic Planning Council for a new named option within the department’s master’s degree program. The new option—called the Professional Option—will be available starting in fall 2019.

The Professional Option is a full time, 15-month professional master’s program. It is designed to train and prepare students to fill the growing demand in the private sector for analysts, managers and other professionals with strong quantitative and data analysis skills who can work in the areas of agriculture, environment and development economics.

The curriculum features three semesters and one summer term of core course offerings in econometrics, micro-economic theory, and professional development, along with a capstone practicum class leading to a professional report that functions as a professional program master’s thesis. Students will also take electives to pursue specific interests in AAE’s focus areas of agricultural, environmental/natural resource, and development economics.

The Professional Option fills a gap in the department’s curriculum, offering advanced training that can be applied across an array of professional fields and that is not research-focused. It is similar in structure to the department’s more narrowly-focused Resource and Energy Demand Analysis (REDA) master’s option.