Call for abstracts: University of Wisconsin National One Health Day Colloquium

Abstracts are now being accepted for flash talks at the third annual University of Wisconsin National One Health Day Colloquium on Thursday, Nov. 8, 2018. We are looking for submissions from all disciplines and from UW students, faculty, staff and community members alike, to showcase the full spectrum of education, research and outreach activities around One Health, on campus and in our community. The colloquium will feature a keynote speaker followed by a series of 5-minute, one-slide flash talks about One Health projects or experiences with food throughout. Share how your work or experiences exemplifies the connections between humans, animals and the environment during one of the flash talks.

Indicate your interest in giving a talk by completing the abstract submission form here. Abstracts must be received by Monday, Oct. 29. Speakers will be notified if their talk has been selected by Nov. 1. A slide template will be provided to the speakers selected to give a flash talk.

University of Wisconsin National One Health Day Colloquium
Thursday November 8th at 4:00pm, 2018
Union South Varsity Hall

For more information and updates on the events, check out the Wisconsin One Health Forum facebook or join the listserv by emailing

One Health is the collaborative effort of multiple health science professions, together with their related disciplines and institutions – working locally, nationally, and globally – to attain optimal health for people, domestic animals, wildlife, plants, and our environment.

One Health Day is an international campaign co-coordinated by the One Health Commission.  The goal of One Health Day is to bring attention around the world to the need for One Health interactions and for the world to ‘see them in action’. The One Health Day campaign is designed to engage as many individuals as possible from as many arenas as possible in One Health education and awareness events, and to generate an inspiring array of projects worldwide.

The Wisconsin One Health Forum connects UW faculty, staff, students, community members, government organizations, and private enterprises by facilitating open, inclusive dialogue about emerging health issues in all sectors. We aim not to reinvent the wheel, but to foster creativity and cooperation to better protect the health of all members of our global community by acknowledging and acting on the inextricable link between the health of humans, animals, and environments.