CALS in the News for the Week of September 22 – 28

In the News

Does microwaving food cause nutrient loss?
CNN, 9/26/2018
Quoted: Scott Rankin, Food Science

Stray Voltage Has Affected Farmers For Decades, But What Is It?
Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/26/2018
Quoted: Doug Reinemann, Biological Systems Engineering

New parking garage coming to west end of UW-Madison campus
Wisconsin State Journal, 9/23/2018
Mentioned: Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery Building

Durkin: I may have been bowhunting, but these predators had me beat
Green Bay Press Gazette, 9/28/2018
Quoted: Stanley Temple, Emeritus, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

EXTending a hand: Cultivating the seeds of safety
The Dunn County News, 9/25/2018
Quoted: Cheryl Skjolaas, Biological Systems Engineering
Quoted: John Shutske, Biological Systems Engineering

Wisconsin farmers, retailers profit from CBD legalization
The Badger Herald, 9/25/2018
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Turtles With Transmitters Could Be Key To Their Survival
WXPR, 9/24/2018
Quoted: Tiffany Bougie, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Helping cows keep their cool: New UW researcher and Wisconsin dairy farm collaborate on animal welfare research
Hoard’s Dairyman, 9/25/2018
Quoted: Jennifer Van Os, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Arlington Agricultural Research Station

UW-Madison Dairy Science Visit Day Oct. 16
DairyBusiness, 9/28/2018
Quoted: Kent Weigel, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Dairy Cattle Center

Soggy Harvest
DTN/The Progressive Farmer, 9/26/2018
Quoted: Shawn Conley, Agronomy

Passion fuels Dairyman, Dairy Woman of the Year
The Country Today, 9/28/2018
Quoted: Peter J. Kappelman, Alumnus, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Center for Dairy Profitability

Of Interest

Mosquitoes Genetically Modified to Crash Species That Spreads Malaria
National Public Radio, 9/24/2018

Study: Roundup Weed Killer Could Be Linked To Widespread Bee Deaths
National Public Radio, 9/25/2018