CALS Redesign: Five-year plan template

Last week, Dean VandenBosch provided departments with a template and guidance document for five-year planning, as well as the most recent data available for measuring performance. Departments will add this information into their individual plans. The data, documents and resources can be found in Box (

These plans are meant to be living documents that will be revisited annually. They will help shape the college’s overall goals, evaluate priorities, offer context for faculty and staff hiring decisions and be used in developing reports to the chancellor. Future collegiate funding decisions will be made in accordance with the goals and strategies outlined in the departmental five-year plans.

Beginning in 2019, the annual meetings between the dean and departments will focus on these five-year plans and progress to date.

Plans are due back to the Dean’s Office by December 31, 2018. If you have questions, contact Kara Luedtke.