CALS in the News for the Week of August 18 – August 24

In the News

Revolutionary corn discovery could save fertilizer, limit runoff and transform agriculture
USA Today, 8/21/2018
Quoted: Jean-Michel Ané, Bacteriology

How to Grow Beets This Fall for a Hearty Autumn Harvest
Good Housekeeping, 8/21/2018
Quoted: Irwin Goldman, Horticulture

Happy cow, happy life: Robots relieve dairy farmers of a round-the-clock task
The Christian Science Monitor, 8/23/2018
Quoted: Doug Reinemann, Biological Systems Engineering

What Food Waste Isn’t OK to Eat? I Asked a Scientist
Vice (NZ), 8/23/2018
Quoted: Bradley Bolling, Food Science

Curiosity-driven research at the University of Wisconsin unearths nitrogen-fixing corn
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/22/2018
Op-ed by: Katheryn VandenBosch, CALS Dean

Wisconsin Dairy Experts Look To International Demand To Raise Prices
Wisconsin Public Radio, 8/22/2018
Quoted: Bob Cropp, Emeritus, Agricultural and Applied Economics

WisContext: Wisconsin Dairy Navigates Gaps In Immigrant Labor Policy
Wisconsin Public Radio, 8/24/2018
Quoted: Simon Jette Nantel, Center for Dairy Profitability
Quoted: Jennifer Blazek, Farm and Industry Short Course

The Corner Table podcast: Farm to Flavor
The Cap Times, 8/22/2018
Mentioned: Julie Dawson, Horticulture
Mentioned: Solveig Hanson, Horticulture

CALS to Honor Exemplary Leaders During Awards Banquet
Wisconsin Ag Connection, 8/24/2018
Mentioned: Daphne Holterman, Alumna, Life Sciences Communication
Mentioned: Loyd Holterman, Alumnus, Dairy Science
Mentioned: Timothy Young, Alumnus, Natural Resources and Forest Economics

UW Arboretum’s Native Gardening Conference to be held Sept. 16
Wisconsin State Farmer, 8/19/2018
Mentioned: Karen Oberhauser, Entomology

A living legacy of research at the UW Arboretum
Wisconsin State Farmer, 8/17/2018
Mentioned: Susan Paskewitz, Entomology
Mentioned: Karen Oberhauser, Entomology
Mentioned: G. William Longenecker, deceased, Horticulture
Mentioned: Aldo Leopold, deceased, Forest and Wildlife Ecology

Ideas exchanged at first Dairy Task Force 2.0 meeting
The Country Today, 8/20/2018
Mentioned: Mark Stephenson, Agricultural and Applied Economics

Of Interest

West Texas Vineyards Blasted By Herbicide Drift From Nearby Cotton Fields
National Public Radio, 8/21/2018