Update on SFS system upgrade, expense report deadlines and e-Reimbursement training

The following is a message from Judy Tonstad, CALS Lead Accountant:

As you may be aware, there will be an upgrade of SFS this October. During the upgrade the SFS system will be shut down. The dates are tentatively October 5 through October 10. The shutdown includes e-Reimbursement. GET will be shut down a bit earlier – on October 1.

To prepare for the upgrade, ALL expense reports will need to be completely approved by October 5. In order for CALS Business Services Auditors to be able to fully approve these reports prior to the shutdown, we are asking that all of CALS reimbursement requests be submitted and approved by the Department by the end of the day Friday, September 28. That will allow us enough time to be able to do the final Audit of all reports by the deadline set for us by Accounting Services. We cannot guarantee that anything approved at the department level after September 28 will get final approval before the shutdown.

Any reports left in the approval queue of either the Approvers or Auditors at the end of the day on October 5 will be returned (automatically by the system) to the traveler for resubmission after the system is up and running again.

The system upgrade is scheduled to be completed Oct 10. If all goes smoothly, we can start processing reports again. E-Reimbursement will have a different look to it, so please make sure your travelers are aware of this. GET will still be available for use and there will be no changes to that. However remember that all returned reports will be in e-Reimbursement, so travelers should be made aware of the new changes.

Campus has scheduled training on the new e-Reimbursement system. You can find that information below:


Who should attend:

The training is for all frequent users of e-Reimbursements.  This includes alternates, approvers, auditors, and frequent travelers.  Obviously not every user of e-Re will need to attend – but if you are someone who anticipates having to answer travelers’ questions regarding the upgrade, this training is for you.

What will be covered:

The training will cover basic functions of e-Reimbursement and significant changes as a result of the 9.2 upgrade.  This training covers only e-Reimbursement; no other SFS modules will be covered.  It will focus more on creating travel reimbursements than it will on approving and auditing reimbursements.  The most significant changes are on the creating side of things.  The trainings are scheduled for two hours but probably won’t go longer than an hour and a half.

When and Where: